How do checks work?

Checks might not be used as much now that debit cards have become very popular, but they’re still an important money tool. You can mail a check to pay a bill, or send a check to a person across the country – both times when it wouldn’t be safe to send cash. Plus, because your bank keeps a copy of all your checks, they are great for when you want proof that you paid someone.

Checks work a lot like cash. When you’re writing a check, you’re promising that you have that much money in your checking account and the person who has the check has a right to go get the money from your bank.

Keep track of every check you write so you don’t forget and accidentally spend that money. If there’s not enough money in your account to pay the check, you can get in big trouble and will probably have to pay extra money to the person who tried to cash your check.

Learn about the parts of a check

Put your mouse over the different parts of the check below to learn about how checks work and what each part of the check is for.

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